Austin Pet Techs was founded to provide compassionate, dependable, and customized care to pets in their owner's homes.

With extensive experience in animal shelters, veterinary clinics, No Kill sanctuaries, and private boarding and daycare, our techs have seen too many animals extremely stressed, unhappy, and ill while being boarded or in captivity. 

Even in "gold standard" veterinary facilities, boarded animals are often kept in small, concrete or stainless steel enclosures with minimal or no bedding due to hospital regulations and receive very basic care with little interaction with people.

In crowded boarding facilities, dogs are constantly barking, pacing, whining, excessively drinking, and urinating and defecating in their kennels. They chew destructively out of frustration and anxiety, cower in a corner in fear, or in some cases, shut down and stop eating and drinking. Cats are often placed in small enclosures in ear shot of barking dogs, and tended to once a day with very minimal personal contact. Even in luxury boarding facilities, pets are often stressed, uncomfortable, and afraid. 

There is NO EXCEPTION that can match the comfort of your own home for your pet. Let us provide your pet with exceptional care while they relax in their own home, with their own bedding, toys, and daily routines. 

To our techs, your pet's safety, comfort, health, and emotional sense of well-being are the most important part of our services. We believe in positive reinforcement training, and only use positive techniques when working with any animal. At NO time will any of our technicians use punishment or force as a means of interaction with your pet. 

With our collection of skills, and our passion for compassionate care, we promise to provide the best possible service for your pet while you are away.